Welcome to the East Grinstead Hash House Harriers Running Club!

The East Grinstead Hash House Harriers were founded on April 5, 1982 by Tim Waller and Dave Robb. Known as 'The Civilised Hash' EGH3 has gained a well deserved reputation for practicing the finer points of hashing. Other claims to fame include submitting a bid for the 2004 Olympic Gameswhich we planned to hold at the South of England Showgrounds at Ardingly. Our bid though supported by the British Athletics Federation was unfortunately not appreciated by some of the more professional Olympic Nations.

EGH3 are well known as "The Shiggy Hash" setting very popular UK Nash Hash runs over the last 10 years as well as two "Shiggy Runs" in the Forest of Dean for the 2004 Interhash. For those not inclined to wallow in shiggy please note that shiggy is not generally abundant at our regular runs and it is only on odd occasions when those so inclined indulge themselves.

EGH3 presently has about 120 members and between 35 and 50 make it to each run. The run fee is £5.00, which includes the first pint of beer and a raffle. Runs take place at 10:45 on alternate Sundays in the winter and 19:30 every Monday in the summer. Most runs are within a 20 mile radius of East Grinstead. Grid references shown on the 'Next Runs' page are mostly on Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 134, 135, 146 and 147. Clicking on the relevemt grid reference will link to a map showing the run location.

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